Are you ready for something a little bit different?

You may find cranial osteopathy very relaxing and, despite the fact that it is so subtle, you may experience changes throughout your body.

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What is cranial osteopathy and how does it work?

Cranial osteopathy is a very gentle and subtle type of osteopathic treatment.

We use refined touch and gentle pressure to encourage the release of general tension

Who is cranial osteopathy suitable for?

As it is so gentle, cranial osteopathy is suitable for use in patients of all ages, including babies and children  and pregnant women. During treatment, some patients may experience sensations of warmth or fluid movement, whereas others may simply experience deep relaxation.

All of the osteopaths here at Wimborne Osteopathic Clinic are trained in cranial osteopathy.

At Wimborne Osteopathic Clinic we are always very happy to discuss your individual concerns and requirements.

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