Jane’s Story

“I got significant pain relief and was back to normal after only a few sessions.”

“One of the definitions of insanity is to do the same thing time and again, but expect a different outcome. This truth came to me in a moment of (drug induced!) clarity a couple of weeks ago, as I was hobbling back from the doctors, like a 90 year, having had yet another bad back episode and having picked up desperately needed pain meds.

So, I decided I HAD to do something different, so I changed my osteopath – and what a wonderful experience it has been. I now see Rona Jones, who runs Wimborne Osteopathic Clinic.  Her focus is on recovery, prevention and rehabilitation.

Unlike previous osteo sessions, I got significant pain relief and was back to normal after only a few sessions. I never knew acupuncture would be good for my condition (I didn’t think there was a needle long enough to penetrate my butt muscle, for a start!!) but it was great.

I could have skipped out of the clinic after that particular session. Most importantly, though, Rona is all about getting me strong, to limit the episodes and hopefully to stop them in the longer term; so not only am I following her exercise instructions, but I’m also seeing a Pilates instructor tomorrow, on her recommendation. Yippee!

Rona is friendly, smart and funny, which is always good when you’re not exactly feeling your best and you’re on a treatment table in little more than your underwear!”

Jane Piper, Self Employed, Wimborne

Note from us – Jane wrote this in July 2012, not long after we first saw her. Since then, she has rarely been in for treatment but has continued with Pilates and says her back is the best it has been for years!

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