Katherine Terry Registered Osteopath

Katherine Terry
Registered Osteopath


“I can’t praise Katherine enough. Her care was second to none.”
David Kingston, Wimborne

“Katherine is a fab osteopath! Superb approach and great techniques.”
Kathryn Borrill



Professional Profile

KT registration markI graduated from the European School of Osteopathy with a BSc Honours in Osteopathy in 2010.  I am also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist.

Since graduating I have done further training in cranial osteopathy, Dynamic Taping and medical acupuncture.

I offer a caring and understanding approach for all; including newborns, pregnant ladies, sports people and the elderly. I have treated from the ages of three weeks to 93 years old. I like to treat my patients using a wide range of treatment modalities.

As well as working with Rona in Wimborne, I run my own practice in Christchurch. For more information or to book online with me there, please click here.

I love being an osteopath because

I love the variety of the work. Every day is different and no two patients are alike.  Osteopathy is about the person as well as the condition. Two patients may present with tennis elbow but would be treated in totally different ways depending on how their muscles feel, their posture and their lifestyle – leisure, work and home. Sometimes being an osteopath is like playing detective with the body; unraveling a history of minor traumas which have built up to a particular crisis point that has brought the person through the door for treatment.  

Why I chose osteopathy

I have always been interested in the anatomy and physiology of the human body. My mum was a radiographer before she retired, this gave me an interest in medicine and I was always fascinated when she showed me x-rays. Through my mum, I also gained an interest in alternative/complementary therapies. I decided on osteopathy as a career after observing first hand how osteopathy benefited a young relative of mine.

Personal Profile

My passion since a young age has been horses. After completing my A levels, I qualified as a riding instructor and stable manager and worked in the equine industry for several years. I started my training as an osteopath as a mature student and continued to teach riding while I trained. Although I don’t own my own horse, I have a horse share arrangement and ride twice a week in the New Forest. 

I have a particular interest in treating horse riders and I’m keen to hear about problems they experience when riding. Often, when a horse does not appear to be “going well”, the problem lies with pain, stiffness or imbalance in the rider, not the horse.

My partner and I bought a house last year and since then I have become a novice, but keen, gardener. I now understand why so many of my patients come to me with gardening related complaints! I am looking forward to the summer when I will be acquiring some chickens to assist me in the garden with pest control. 

When I am not at work

I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, gardening, reading, windsurfing, indoor climbing, horse riding and walking/hiking.

For holidays, we like to go to places abroad where we can go hiking in the mountains.

The future 

Although currently focusing my attention on the human side of osteopathy, I would like to treat horses and other animals in the future, so that I can truly offer osteopathic services to the whole family; both two and four legged! I have already qualified as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist and have attended several other courses in the treatment of horses.