Rona Jones

I graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in 2005 with first class honours. Since graduating, I have undertaken several courses in cranial osteopathy.

Rona Jones. Wimborne Osteopathic ClinicMy first career was as a solicitor and I chose to retrain as an osteopath because I am fascinated by how the body works – and how and why it sometimes doesn’t! I love the challenge of treating a wide variety of patients. I work both structurally and cranially, depending on the patient and his or her presenting symptoms. I offer my patients exercise, lifestyle and nutritional advice to increase the effectiveness of treatment and to help prevent recurrence of the problem, thus enabling patients to play an active role in their recovery. I particularly enjoy treating pelvic and sacro-iliac problems and running injuries as well as shoulder conditions and headaches.

As part of my training at BCOM, I studied nutrition and naturopathy and can advise patients on natural ways to help manage their symptoms and I have a particular interest in women’s health.

I have completed a course in ”Obstetric Osteopathy” and find that expectant mothers benefit enormously from osteopathic treatment. Since having children, I have become fascinated with child development and I love to see my patients grow up; I find it very rewarding to treat babies and children because they respond so well to treatment.

Outside of work, I enjoy running and swimming and occasionally compete in mini-triathlons and road races. One of these days I will do the Wimborne triathlon…

Katherine Terry

I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy with a BSc Honours in Osteopathy in 2010.

Katherine Terry. Wimborne Osteopathic ClinicI have always been interested in the anatomy and physiology of the human body. I observed how osteopathy benefited a young relative of mine and, after a short career in the horse industry, I decided to pursue my interest in osteopathy.

Since graduating I have trained in Western Medical Acupuncture (or dry needling). This offers an additional tool for treating musculoskeletal complaints. I am also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist. I offer a caring and understanding approach for all; including newborns, pregnant ladies, sports people and the elderly. I get great satisfaction from being able to help people. I use a wide range of treatment modalities including structural manipulation, soft tissue and fascial work and functional as well as visceral and cranial osteopathy

Prior to starting my osteopathic training, I qualified as a riding instructor and stable manager. I have attended several courses in the treatment of horses and I continue to teach. I have a particular interest in treating both horse and rider, in order to improve the performance of the partnership.